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        1 = PWRT disabled
        0 = PWRT enabled
        bit 2 WDTE: Watchdog Timer Enable bit
        1 = WDT enabled
        0 = WDT disabled
        bit 1-0 FOSC1:FOSC0: Oscillator Selection bits
        11 = RC oscillator
        10 = HS oscillator
        01 = XT oscillator
        00 = LP oscillator
        Note 1: The erased (unprogrammed) value of the configuration word is 3FFFh.
        2: All of the CP1:CP0 pairs have to be given the same value to enable the code protection scheme listed.
        3: Enabling Brown-out Reset automatically enables Power-up Timer (PWRT), regardless of the value of bit PWRTE.
        Ensure the Power-up Timer is enabled any time Brown-out Reset is enabled.