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        LPC11Cxx CAN RAM

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        How to reserve LPC11Cxx RAM

        For CAN API usage and IAP functions of LPC11C14 or LPC11C24 it's necessary to reserve RAM regions.There have been several threads about this already so I'll show here again 2 LPCXpresso solutions 

        Problem #1 Reserving CAN API RAM[INDENT] For CAN API usage RAM from 0x1000 0050 to 0x1000 00B8. UM is warning us, but this warning can easily be overseen:



        17.4.1 Calling the C_CAN API
        On-chip RAM from address 0x1000 0050 to 0x1000 00B8 is used by the CAN API.

        There a several solutions, but I'll describe here only 2 of them.
        Note: Changing linker script is described in older threads. Since there are easier solutions nowadays and I don't want to disable 'Managed linker script' this option isn't described here. 
         調試LPC11C24片上API CAN時,發現執行CAN的API函數時,有的全局變量的值會變。如上E文,原因是執行CAN API 會用到RAM從 0x1000 0050 到0x1000 00B8?盏舸硕,問題解決。